I am a hobbyist beekeeper. In 2013, I started keeping bees with 6 hives. All my hives are located in Bay Area, mainly at Palo Alto and Alum Rock.

Beekeeping: I do have Langstroth hives, as well as Top Bar Hives. All are in residential areas. Do you want to explore the opportunity to become a beekeeper and know how it is possible to keep bees in urban areas?

Honey: Do you know that the honey at supermarkets are pasteurized, so that all the enzymes break down. Then, the pollen grains are also filtered out to avoid tracking of the honey source and to delay crystallization. Pollen is the ingredient that gives the flavor and the smell to the honey. With filtering honey loses its original flavor and smell :(

My honey is local raw and unprocessed. It is not contaminated with any drugs or chemicals. All natural. I do have some honey available, as well: $15 for half pound. If you like to try Local Honey, please stop by or send me an email.

Allergies: Many people who are suffering allergies, especially during the spring, claim that eating local honey helps a lot. It needs to be local honey full of local pollen grains. Of course, it needs to be unfiltered!

Drugs and chemicals in honey: Unfortunately commercial beekeepers are also abusing bees with load of drugs, antibiotics, and all sorts of chemicals. Use of chemicals disrupts bees natural life. Worst part is that everything inside the hive gets contaminated, including honey that we buy and eat.

Crystallized Honey: All honey crystallizes. Some in a month, some in 10 years. Nothing is bad. You can simply eat it as it is. But, naturally crystallized honey is not pleasant to eat, as crystals are big and crunchy. But, try creamed honey...

Creamed honey: is crystallized honey under certain conditions such that crystals are so small to have creamy texture. If you want to try creamed honey, I do have some for you :)

Pollination: Do you have a garden, fruit trees or flowers? Then you need nature's work force for pollination. ...
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Royal Jelly:

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