Sunday, March 13, 2016

Why honey at supermarkets don't taste good?

One of local beekeeper has nicely explained:
"This is why our honey tastes so good to people used to buying grocery store junk!"
Nation's Biggest Honey Packer Admits 'Laundering' Chinese Honey:
"Two big honey packers admitted buying millions of dollars worth of honey that was falsely labeled. The goal of this mislabeling was to acquire cheap honey from China."
Read further: Dan Charles' report.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Another category of beekeeping practice: "Do nothing"

Looks like there is another category of beekeeping practice: Do nothing.

I am fourth year beekeeper, and I do "do nothing":

No hard/soft chemicals, no drugs, no organic acids, no herbs, no sugar powder, no feeding, no plastic/beewax foundation, no cut drones brood out...

Basically, I don't care about the mites, as long as I provide my bees a cozy home that they would find in the wild, I am done. The only thing that goes into my hives is wood.

It works for me, I only lost couple of hives out of 18 hives last winter, I harvested more than 500 lb of honey last year, more than I can eat/distribute/donate...

My bees are happy with me doing nothing...