Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mad Honey in Turkey

Here is the story of The Strange History of ‘Mad Honey’, by Emma Bryce.
"Turkey's hallucinogenic 'Mad Honey' is produced when bees pollinate rhododendron flowers in the remote mountainside towns of the Black Sea region."
I visited my home country, Turkey, in August and I happened to buy 2 lb of mad honey. It is sold mostly for medicinal properties. Yes, it is bitter in taste, which is also known as bitter honey. It numbs your tongue just a little in the beginning.

I was also advised not to consume it at huge amounts at once but little by little over time. Even, though I ate fair amount at once, say quarter pound, I did not experience anything of the followings except the numbness:
"When over-imbibed, however, the honey can cause low blood pressure and irregularities in the heartbeat that bring on nausea, numbness, blurred vision, fainting, potent hallucinations, seizures, and even death, in rare cases."
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