Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Beauty of Pollination - Video

Here is a fantastic video about insects and animals that do pollination. You will love and respect the nature more, please watch it and enjoy it...

The Beauty of Pollination - Youtube Video - 4min

Monday, December 2, 2013

Why do I keep bees?

Is it for money? For honey? Just a hobby?

No, it's not for money. So far, I have spent so much money than I ever anticipated. When spending money, I didn't have even a slight intention to recoup the money in the future. Maybe I will, maybe not.

Yes, I wanted to eat honey, premium honey, my honey. But, believe me, the optimal way to eat premium honey is to buy local honey from a beekeeper, in terms of money, time and effort. Not to keep bees! 

Yes, it started as a hobby. However, I spend so much time, effort, money. It's passed the point of being just a hobby.

More than that, they become the link connecting me back to nature. I am a computer scientist, sitting in front of several computers all day long. I work at VMware, the industry-leading virtualization software company.  Not only I am in the virtual world of computers, but, within that world, I do virtualization doing the performance and scalability analysis of our virtualization solutions with thousand servers and fifteen thousands of virtual machines. (Inception? Needed a spinning top to determine the reality.) 

When I walk down the street, I look around for the flowers, plants and vegetation. When I see some flowers, I think about "if my bees are around, they would collect nectar and pollen", then I get curious about "how that honey would taste".

I fell in love with these little creatures. I love them as much as I respect them. Bees become the link connecting me back to nature. Why do I keep bees? For the love of bees.