Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Honey bee, Don’t you sting me

A commercial ad of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey (released in 2013) uses the song “Honey Bee” by Alecia Chakour with guitarist Sam Cohen. YouTube-Video

Honey bee
Don’t you sting me sting me sting me
Don’t fly away from my heart
Don’t you do it
Don’t you fly away…

Searching on the internet, the original song is "Honey Bee", by New Birth (1971): YouTube-Video. (Thanks to Anonymous for correcting me...)

I found another cool song, as well: “Honey Bee (Keep On Stinging Me)” Diana Ross and The Supremes. YouTube-Video


  1. Thank you! I knew this had to be from an existing song and not just a jingle made up for the commercial.

    1. The song is "Honey Bee' by New Birth

  2. The song is "Honey Bee' by New Birth, for god sakes man did you ever listen to the song before posting? LMFAO

  3. Thanks for correcting them its by New Birth

  4. Thanks to Anonymous, for correcting me...

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