Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mating Nucs Update

I attended a Queen Grafting Class and prepared three mating nucs. I checked these mating nucs, today.

Nuc 1: It turns out that queen hatched, mated successfully and started to lay eggs. I see lots of larvae. It is so exciting to see young brood.

Nuc 2&3: I did not see any brood in other nucs. I had checked the nucs after three days the queens supposed to hatch, and in these two nucs, the queen cell wax was completely torn down. In Nuc 1, which has a laying queen now, I saw the queen cell intact during that inspection.

Since Nuc 1 has some larvae, I followed Serge method: I cut two pieces of comb with young larvae and installed them horizontally with a piece of toothpick into these Nucs 2 and 3.

Nuc 2 even draw a comb with a queen cell. I grafted this queen cell with a young larva from Nuc 1, as well.

Unfortunately, these small nucs are not strong enough to raise good queens. But, this is an experiment at the end. Let's see what will happen...


  • Check the nucs immediate at the day when the queen supposed to hatch to make sure they either hatch or they are destroyed by the colony before hatching.
  • Give each nuc at least couple of queen cells. One queen cell is too risky.
  • Better yet, let the queens hatch in the original hive, protect them with hair rolls and then transfer into the mating nucs.

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