Thursday, June 13, 2013

Failed queen

I was correct about the queen in the hive, where my first swarm is installed. She did not lay eggs for about 2-3 weeks. There was no larva, no new bees. And they missed the period to raise a new queen. So, without an outside queen, they would slowly die. But, I hope I saved it:

I got a box of bees from a fellow beekeeper. That swarm is caught in Fremont. I placed a sheet of newspaper in between, placed a box on top and installed this new swarm on top. Bees will chew up the newspaper and by that time they will get used to each other's pheromones and they will become a big family. I hope the queen came with the swarm will take over the hive.

Here is the hive right after I installed the swarm. There were lots of bees hanging outside and flying around the hive:

It looks like the queen was safely placed inside the box, and I saw few bees fanning in front of the entrence telling the bees outside: "This is our new home, come inside." I saw bees marching in. After 20-25 minutes, they all settled down:

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