Friday, May 3, 2013

My colonies

I managed to acquire some survivors, I hope:

  • 2 hives at Alum Rock. Both are swarms. One caught at Cupertino, and I installed it. Other one liked my empty hive and claimed it as their home :) They are definitely survivors, but no idea whether they are treated or not.

I bought 4 packages.

  • 2 from Bee Kind, Sebastopol. 3lb non-treated local bees.
  • 2 from Honey Bee Genetics, Vacaville. 4lb Italians (only these are treated.)

I placed them one each location:

  • 2 hives at Palo Alto.
  • 2 hives at Portola Valley.

I am little overwhelmed with 6 hives as a beginner beekeeper these days. But, this is such an amazing experience, so far :)

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