Saturday, April 13, 2013

Novice Mistake and Hive Management

Yesterday, I did a very invasive operation on the 2nd hive. Here is what happened:

When I checked the hive on Wednesday evening, I see lots of bees hanging out at the back of the hive and some at the front. They were outside of the hive just sitting. Even if I don't have any experience with bees, I knew it was strange. I could not figure out what's happening so I decided to give them some time to settle. Then, yesterday evening I went there to do an exterior inspection, hoping that they all moved inside. But, nope, they are still sitting outside the hive like bums :)


Then light bulb lighten up. I have Brushy Mountain equipments, and screened bottom board. I forgot to put the white board in place. There is about one inch wide space under the screen. One third of the bees managed to get inside the hive box; one third of the bees land under the screen, building combs; and the rest are hanging out outside the hive just sitting.


I had another empty hive on my car, immediately decided to take an action to transfer every thing into the extra hive and immediately placed the white bottom screen board.

Due to my ignorance, I caused a very bad situation for the bees, and caused lots of stress to them. I had to disturbed them unnecessarily, and moved them into another hive. I feel bad about my mistake, well what can I do? I am a beginner... :(

On the other hand, I am proud of myself for figuring out the problem in time and then fixing it, (hopefully, it was a successful operation). Well, this is called  hive management ? :)

Such an exciting and intimidating experience it was yesterday...

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