Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Second Bee Colony

I start to appreciate the idea of having local bees more and more. I found a swarm from Cupertino, and installed it 5 days ago. My first bee colony, check out some pictures here.

I go foundationless. Today I went to check weather they are building combs properly. I was scarce to death to see burr comb. The good news is they are following the guides of the starter strips. I was so happy.

Furthermore, I had another empty hive placed near the first hive. The hive was sitting on an Ikea table on the ground, so it's about 1.5 ft high. I had put some swarm attractants, since I don't have any old or new comb to use. And, guess what another swarm  reclaimed it as their new home.


Freebees, and local bees, it can get better only if they are from untreated colonies :)

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