Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My First Bee Colony

Last Wednesday night, I got a call from one fellow beekeeper from Santa Clara Bee Guild. He said "I happened to have captured a swarm today, would you like to get?" I was so excited and it took only 5 minutes for me to reach to his house to pick up the box.

The swarm was caught at Cupertino. (For the record, to track the lineage.)

I let the package sit in my car during the night, of course with cracked open windows and sunroof. I installed them to one of my hives early next morning. I think I did all the right things and installed the swarm successfully.

Usually, bees accept the new hive as their home easily, but sometimes they don't like it and abscond. Well, I hope they like what we offer them as a nice cozy home. Now, it's up to bees to decide whether to accept our offer or not. We'll see...

After three days, I did a quick exterior inspection. There is some foraging activity, which is good. And also checking the screened-bottom-board, I see lots of wax flakes on the board; this means that they start to build comb inside, which is great. Looks like bees are happy with their new home :) I hope they are building the combs within the frames, otherwise it is going to be really messy to deal with.

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