Friday, December 7, 2012

Find a location - Master's advise

Last weekend, I stopped by to say hi to my mentor, Richard Baxter. He invited me to see the new hives that he bought. He gave me a short lesson about some bee diseases and organic medications, as well.

I mentioned this Blog to him, and got his permission to mention him in my posts. (I do respect people's privacy and will be careful about not revealing any information about other people. However, if there is some information that is already available publicly on internet, I will use those links without any further precaution.)

Since I have been trying to find a location to place couple of hives for a while, I told him my efforts and asked his advice.

He sensed my stress and worry about finding a place. He said something like this:
- This is your hobby, so you should enjoy it. Don't get stressed out! Besides, once you let other people that you are looking for a place to put hives, you will get many requests from all sorts of people.

Here are the action items that he suggested.

  • Prepare a flyer to post on bulletin boards across community places.
  • Send an email to colleagues at work.
  • Send an email to close friends.

Finally, I think this conversation should take place in between these lines:

- Listen, grasshopper!
- Yes, Master.

By the way, this visit supposed to be a short visit including a hi and some advise; but we spend more than couple of hours talking about different things. It started by the screensaver on my laptop: various celestial objects and space. It turns out that Rick is also interested in particle physics, astronomy, bing bang, Higgs boson, gravity, matter-energy duality, and so-on... How cool is that!

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