Saturday, November 17, 2012

Books to start with: Beekeeping in California

Searching the internet, I have found free books published by University of California. These are the first books I have read on beekeeping. They provide basics and specifics to beekeeping in California.

Fundamentals of California Beekeeping is the earlier version published in 1971. Beekeeping in California is the newer version published in 1987.

It starts with the value and importance of the industry. Then it explains the colony, the life cycle of bees, constructing hives, managing and feeding bees. There are sections about bee diseases and disorders. It covers many other topics as well. It is a complete package in a nutshell.

Dr Eric C Mussen is the editor and reviser of the newer version. Dr. Mussen is a well-respected apiculturist from University of California, Davis. We will talk about him and Department of Entomology, UC Davis more later, as they are leaders in this area.

Copyright Notice: These publications are copyrighted by the Regents of the University of California. Download from Santa Clara Valley Beekeepers Guild - Books.

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