Friday, November 30, 2012

Where to put hives?

I do live in an apartment complex. There is no way to keep hives where I live. (To be honest, I thought keeping them in my balcony, but the balcony is right next to the stairways just in front of everybody's eyes :( Of course, I am not serious; it is illegal as stated in my lease contract.)

Then, I come up with this crazy idea: To keep them at work :) How convenient would it be?

I work at VMware Inc. and VMware is expanding its campus at Palo Alto acquiring a 1-million-square-foot property adjacent to the VMware headquarters

VMware supports green eco-friendly programs. We are proud that "Being green is a big part of VMware culture." What is more green than providing home for honey bees that are in danger? They are the single most important animal regulating the nature by pollination.

There is a turtle pond located in the heart of our main campus. There are handful of turtles, and during the summer, sun bathing is their favorite. And time to time I see two wild ducks accompanying them. What a relaxing break to eat lunch watching them!

Here are two pictures that I took in April 2012:

I remember once seeing a guy feeding them. I thought he would be the first contact person to mention this crazy idea. He is Jeff Goodall. Here, you can watch him putting turtles back home to their pond after winter hibernation in March 2009.

He got surprised to hear my idea, but did not dismiss it immediately. He shared his concerns, legal restrictions, allergies, and so on...

Here, I prepared a presentation addressing these concerns:

Then, I talked to LM, Director at Workspace division. She got impressed and encouraged me to write a business proposal for HR approval. Even, together with Jeff, we walked around the campus looking for a location.

Recently, I got the sad news from Jeff. He talked to some HR person and the answer is a clear NO due to safety, health and liability concerns.
I knew it was a long shot, indeed very long :) But, I just wanted try my chance and to see how far we can go. Without asking, we cannot be sure. By the way, I would like to thank Jeff and LindaMarie for their consideration, help and time. We did our collective best!  :)

Where can I put hives full of bees? Who wants them in their backyard? 

Looks like this is going to be the biggest challenge and I need to keep looking!..

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