Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Execution Plan; Action items for a beginner beekeeper

Here is the execution plan for myself as a beginner beekeeper:
  1. Idea: Beekeeping as a hobby.
  2. Execution Plan: Action items for a beginner beekeeper.
  3. Research & Education. (In progress.)
    1. Internet resources. (In progress. I will post another blog entry, soon, compiling all the resources I found.)
      1. Websites.
      2. Blogs.
      3. Forums: and
    2. Books: Books to readBooks to start with.
    3. Classes: First Step: Introductory Beekeeping Class.
    4. Local Beekeepers Clubs
      1. Santa Clara Valley Beekeepers Guild
      2. Beekeepers' Guild Of San Mateo County
    5. Mentor: Richard Baxter, my mentor.
  4. Action Items.
    1. Find a location, for my hives. Check legal restrictions and immediate neighbors.
    2. Find insurance.
    3. Buy the equipments: hives, hive tool, smoker, bee jacket, veil, and gloves.
    4. Order bees around January to be delivered in April or catch a swarm.
    5. Practice...
  5. Goals.
    1. Primary: Practice chemical-free beekeeping and have my bees survive a winter.
    2. Secondary: Eat my own naturally-produced comb honey at a Saturday breakfast.

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